Welcome to the new website for the Custom Diecast Police Division of Bushkill Cards and Games! If you're a collector of diecast or plastic model police cars and you've always wished they could look more like the real thing, then you've come to the right place! We specialize in 12 different styles of hand-built, completely finished 1/18th and 1/24th scale flashing lightbars that YOU can install right into your model without any special tools, skills, or any knowledge of electronics - you don't even need a soldering iron! We also sell some of the most realistic finished custom police models if your not the do-it-yourself type!

In addition to selling finished lightbars and models, we also offer do-it-yourself kits, parts, and supplies if you'd prefer to build your own lightbars and models. The only thing we don't offer right now is custom decals and custom painting.

Ready to start shopping? Click this link: http://www.bushkillcardsandgames.com/policemodels/pmhome.html to continue on to our storefront! 

A little about our products...

GEN I lightbars were our first design, they are simple and have up to 10 randomly flashing LEDs inside that produce a very nice visual effect and are highly affordable. Installation is a snap and requires no soldering, special tools, or experience due to our unique quick disconnect system.

GEN II lightbars are the first improvement to the GEN I design, these lightbars feature a programmable PCB that takes the lightbar to a new level of realism by producing realistic strobe flashing effects and simulated rotator effects. These lightbars also feature up to 36 LEDs!

GEN III lightbars are still in development but once released, will bring a level of realism to 1/18 scale models never before seen! Check back for updates on this product.